Different Types of Pajamas

Pajamas are normally clothes with loose fitting to be worn as sleepwear to keep you comfortable while sleeping. Though normally pajamas are used at bedtime but some people also like to wear them in the day time while relaxing at their home. Today different types of pajamas are available on stores from which you can choose as per your requirement and liking. These pajamas can be classified on the basis of their fabric and their style. However main purpose of these apparels is to keep you comfortable, warm and easy whenever you wear them. Brief information about different types of pajamas is provided here under for your consideration.


On the basis of fabric:

Cotton: It is considered as the most breathable, lightweight and comfortable fabric for the pajamas. It can make you feel warm in winter and cool in summer, which makes it suitable for all seasons.  Normally cotton fabric is divided into knitted cotton and woven cotton, knitted cotton is stretchy, and softer than woven cotton. However, most knitted cotton pajamas are in solid colors, woven cotton fabric can be printed all kinds of patterns, which is widely used in 2-piece pajama sets. Plain woven cotton is the classic woven cotton fabric, which is lightweight and thin, perfect for cool weahter. Cotton flannel is also made from woven cotton, which is medium weight that usually has fuzzy finish on its both of its sides to give a cozy and soft to the user. It is normally used for making winter pajama sets and shirts.


Silk: This is another very popular fabric for pajamas as it makes you feel comfortable in a very luxurious and stylish manner. It provides you a good sleep at night through its soothing smooth feel, sleek texture, breathable and lightweight.


Polyester: It is a man-made synthetic fabric that is used for making wide range of long lasting and comfortable clothing. Satin polyester is normally used for making pajamas as it is inexpensive alternative of silk. People like it for its silk like feeling.  Most fleece sleepwear are made from polyester fabric,  the surface of this fabric is lofty, warm and soft.  Fleece polyester robes are popular in winters.


On the basis of style:

Various types of pajamas are made in different styles.

Two-Piece Set: The two-piece set pajama is the most popular and classic nightwear,  which includes a set of bottom pants and a top. The bottom pants are normally ankle long or knee long whereas the top can be full sleeved or short sleeved. They are made in different patterns and designs to give them unique look. These two-piece pjs are usually made from cotton, silk and satin polyester fabrics, etc.



Nightshirt: It is a knee long top which can go even below knees to cover most of the legs of the wearer. People usually do not wear under this top to cover their legs. Though men usually do not like to wear it without pants still many of them wear it due to its cool and comfortable feel.  The suitable fabrics for nightshirts are similar with two-piece sets.



Onesie: This set of nightwear includes a pair of long pants and a long sleeved sewn together to make a single night dress. To slip into or out of it people use zipper or buttons. It is most suitable nightwear for winters as it is normally made from warmer fabrics including fleece polyester, etc., and it keeps you comfortable and warm during cold nights as well as days.



Robes: people wear robes after shower or getting up, robes are easy to wear. Kimono robe and shwal colloar robe are two main robe types, the length of robes can be short length, medium length and full length. All kinds of fabrics are suitable for robes, people wear robes in lightweight and thin fabrics like silk to stay cool in warm days, wear thick fabrics like fleece to stay warm in cold days.

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