What is Cupro Fabric? What is It Used for?
Cupro fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber. The so-called regenerated cellulose is made by cotton linters and various papermaking materials, which is dissolved in a concentrated ammonia solution of copper hydroxide or alkaline copper salt.
Pajama Party Ideas for Adults
Often during parties, party members may do not know each other, it is important to plan activities and games even people who do not know each other, even the shyest person in the room has a chance to socialize and have fun. Here we take pajama party as an example, as pajama party is popular in both kids and adults, and it is appropriate for many party themes.
Major Reasons Why People Love Wearing Pajamas
Pajamas are common sleepwear worn by most people before they retire to bed. There is a large variety of pajama types, from cozy cotton to high-end silk pajamas, pajama lovers have lots of choices.  Apart from keeping regulating temperatures, such loose-fitting sleepwear also come with various reasons why people love them so much.
How to Care for Different Fabrics
Fabrics made out of animal and plant fibers can be described as natural while those produced by man-made fibers as synthetics. In this article, we shall guide you the best way to wash and care for 7 common fabrics.
Four Types of Silk Fabrics
Silk fabrics are made from silk fibers. Silk is not a fabric, it is the fiber, which is the ingredient that goes into a fabric. Fiber and construction are two components to every fabric. Different constructions create all different fabrics, just saying silk doesn’t actually mean anything, because for silk fabrics, there are so many types.
Different Types of Pajamas
Pajamas are normally clothes with loose fitting to be worn as sleepwear to keep you comfortable while sleeping. Though normally pajamas are used at bedtime but some people also like to wear them in the day time while relaxing at their home. Today different types of pajamas are available on stores from which you can choose as per your requirement and liking. These pajamas can be classified on the basis of their fabric and their style.