Pajama Party Ideas for Adults

Often during parties, party members may do not know each other, it is important to plan activities and games even people who do not know each other, even the shyest person in the room has a chance to socialize and have fun. Here we take pajama party as an example, as pajama party is popular in both kids and adults, and it is appropriate for many party themes. Some people call it sleepover party or slumber party, which are similar to pajama party. This time, we focus on listing pajama party ideas for adults, as hosting parties for adults is more difficult than for kids.

The following will give some tips of pajama party ideas for adults:


    1. Pajama Party Themes

      To make a pajama party plan, the first thing you should do is to pick a pajama party theme for adults, , such as birthday party, Christmas party, bachelorette party, family party, girl’s night party, movie night party, etc.


      1. Pajama Party Music

      You should pick some themed songs to create the right atmosphere.


      1. Pajama Party Decorations

      Party decorations contain balloons, flowers, cups, plates, etc. These decorations should match the party theme.

      For pajama parties, you should get beddings for visitors, such as mattress, pillows, quilts and blankets, etc. These beddings should be decorated to fit the party theme.


      1. Pajama Party Outfits

      The special thing for pajama party is that visitors wearing pajamas as their party outfits. It may be a good idea that hosts prepare matching pajamas for visitors, which should be more interesting. Many people select pajama sets, bathrobes, rompers as their pajama party outfits.


      1. Pajama Party food

      You should offer enough foods, drinks, fruits, snacks, desserts at the party, it must be interesting that cups and plates are matching the party theme. Besides, making some desserts with pajama shapes may create atmosphere for pajama parties.


      1. Pajama Party Games and Activities

      You should schedule some interesting activities and games to get everyone involved, it is cool to organize some games that match the party theme.

      • Take interesting photos:

      In pajama parties, as people are all wearing matching party costumes, it must be exciting to take photos while doing some interesting activities. For example, take a photo of everyone under a bed, take a photo of everyone jumping on the bed, and take a photo of everyone with mouthful of marshmallows, etc.


      • Pillow fight

      Pillow fight is the most popular game in pajama parties, which makes everyone to be excited.


      • Sleeping bag relay race

      Create some teams, people in each team wearing sleeping bag and take turn jumping to the finish line and back, the team in which players firstly finish the race is the winner.


      • Truth or dare questions

      This is a classic party game, you should pick numbers of truth questions and dares, players select whether to answer truth questions or take a dare.


      • Saying sentences/words challenge

      List some sentences, the lengths of sentences are from short to long, it is a challenge of saying a sentence while brushing teeth, the person who says the longest sentence is the winner.

      There is another way to play this game, pick a word, everyone says this word with snacks in mouth, such as marshmallows, the person who says this word with most marshmallows in the mouth is the winner.

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